Q. Is there a membership fee or a cost to attend abc meetings?

A. The meeting service we provide is free of charge, however donations are always welcome. Lunches out, day trips and an annual holiday are available to members at subsidised rates.


Q. Is it only cancer patients who can attend/join abc?

A. We welcome ANYONE who is affected by cancer. You will find new friends at abc.


Q. Will I be expected to talk about myself at meetings?

A. Absolutely not. If you wish to talk about your problems there will always be a sympathetic and friendly response, including a MacMillan trained councillor. Members are aware why you are there and can empathise without hearing your life story.


Q. Is it not depressing being in a room full of people affected by cancer?

A. Nothing could be further from the truth, the group are a cheerful lot. Smiles and laughter are usually the order of the day.


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