FRED BASSETT - Chairman & Trustee

BERYL BOWLES - Founder Member & Trustee

Several years ago a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Great Western Hospital Oncology/Haematology Clinic (where I work as a volunteer) suggested to me that a good generic cancer support group was needed in Swindon. Having been a volunteer for most of my life I thought 'where do I start?' After gathering together a group of sensible people to help set up formalities i.e. Constitution, Terms of Reference and (importantly) A NAME- "abc affected by cancer" was launched.

With the help of wonderful volunteers we have steadily progressed and currently have over 60 members. The Committee is supported by professionals from GWH and Prospect Hospice. Macmillan are also there to support, train and offer advice when required.

SALLY LEE - Treasurer

SYD WOODS - Volunteer

I am the newest committee member of our self-help group. During my time as a group member I came to know and admire many people who were determined to make the very best of their circumstances.

Our members are committed to helping themselves and others in similar circumstances, and they all understand what you are experiencing.

TRISH WOODS - Trustee & Volunteer

I joined the abc in the groups' inaugural year after Beryl Bowles, a long standing acquaintance, approached me to help out on the committee.

Having lost close family and friends to cancer, I have found the friendly cheerful monthly get togethers, numerous activities and outings uplifting and helpful. Many close friendships have been formed within the group, and over the years I have witnessed the abc grow in strength providing much needed and valuable emotional support to many people affected by cancer.



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