abc Swindon is primarily funded by events organised by the volunteer Steering Committee. We raise funds for everything we do - from our monthly meetings to the trips we enjoy - through events such as store collections, raffles, tombolas and table top sales.

waitrose 800During 2010/2011 abc was fortunate to be chosen as Local Charity of the Year by Sainsbury's Stratton. This was a massive boost to us, raising awareness of our group.

Simply by being visible at Sainsburys, we have been able to give more help to existing members, recruit new ones and gain support from other groups and individuals.

Having the funds to organise more and better events has resulted in more friendships being forged within the group, with members offering each other support outside of group activities.

You may ask why after all this success we still need your support?

abc cannot afford to rest on its laurels. We have a slow but steady turnover of members. Unfortunately due to the nature of the disease we are dealing with, we lose members of our group leaving bereaved spouses, partners, family and friends who desperately need our help and support.

We have members whose problems return to haunt them pushing their lives into turmoil. The group raises awareness of symptoms and the benefits of early diagnosis, giving the best chance of survival.

Our group is happy and outgoing. Our aim is to ensure our members are supported in the best possible way to handle testing times.

Extra funds provide us with the opportunity to do this and the public exposure of our cause ensures we can continue to receive help from wherever it is available.

We are a cheerful and caring group getting the best we can from life. Please help us to carry on the good work.

abc would like to thank the following for their support, past, present & continuing.

  • All those who have completed our sponsored walk
  • Dr Wilson Trust
  • James Pembridge
  • John Lewis Swindon
  • Morrisons Lydon
  • Rotary Club of Old Town Swindon
  • Sainsburys Bridgemead
  • Sainsburys Stratton
  • Swindon Borough Council
  • The Art & Web Company Limited
  • Waitrose Marlborough
  • Zurich Insurance in Swindon


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